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The Products of Aquamine.

Still and sparkling.

Aquamine Mineral Water is available in glass bottles and in plastic bottles.

On glass bottles and crates a deposit is charged. The deposit is fully returned on collection. You do not pollute nature with glass or packaging materials. Think sustainably.

We deliver:
	-	330ml glass bottles
	-	500ml plastic bottles 
	-	750ml glass bottles
	-	Other sizes available on request

Aquamine contains following minerals:
(Analysis from CSIR from the 10th January 2010 (in mg/l))

Calcium 	58mg/l
Magnesium 	40mg/l
Sodium 		5mg/l
Potassium 	4mg/l

Bicarbonate 	240mg/l
Chloride 	8mg/l
Sulfate 	12mg/l
Silica 		11mg/l

Bottled at the Aquamine spring in the "Cradle Of Humankind" World Heritage Site, Gauteng, South Africa
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