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Aquamine Mineral Water.

In the Cradle of Humankind, 70km north west of Johannesburg, a natural spring exists for thousands of years.

Since 1988 Aquamine Mineral Water is bottled directly from this source.

The natural composition of this excellent water is produced by dolomitic underground rock contact for many years. Hence the mineralization is balanced over time. As is the flow of the natural spring.

As Aquamine Mineral Water, a typical Calcium Magnesium Carbonate Water, has always been well above 250mg/l TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), it is recognized a true mineral water.

Have a look at the mineral composition:

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What distinguishes us in Southern Africa:

- We know the business since 1988 - We are the first internationally recognized mineral water company in South Africa - We are still independant - We are the only one to have a licence to bottle water in the Cradle of Humankind - We are recognized by DWAF (Department of Water and Forestry) - We are recognized by GDACE (Gauteng Department Of Agriculture Conservation and Environment) - We are recognized by CoH MA (Cradle of Humankind Management Authority) - We think and act sustainably

Bottled at the Aquamine spring in the "Cradle Of Humankind" World Heritage Site, Gauteng, South Africa
Aquamine (Pty) Ltd
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Directors: Dipl. Ing. Gunnar Schillings